A Black Leopard Named Rosco

On our recent adventure to Vredenheim we had the pleasure of visiting the big cats park. At the entrance we were welcomed by two of the tour guides, Logan and his colleague. Logan proceeded to tell us about the newest cat at the park which arrived two weeks prior and had not been given a name. Logan explained that he is a black leopard and that he is rare, because he has a large concentration of melanin which gives him the dark appearance and makes the spots very difficult to see, but the spots are there and may be seen when the cat is out in the sun. As Logan was talking I got goose bumps because he was basically explaining exactly the same condition as what Rosco has, I got so excited and told him about, and showed him Rosco's nevus and smaller spots which is clearly visible.

Following our visit, Vredenheim decided to name their black leopard Rosco!

by Marilyn Rinquist


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